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Cotton Seeds Oil


Cotton Seeds Oil

Cottonseed oil is one kind of edible oil in the world, which the byproduct in the industry of cotton planting. After been apart from shells, the magnitude of cotton kernel is about 40%. Cotton usually grow in the torrid zone and subtropical zone.Cotton Seeds Oil is one of the most popular edible oils in India.

Semifinished cotton oil is a kind of oil with dark color and unfavorable smell and bitterness. The major reason that semifinished cotton oil is dark color is that the semifinished cotton oil contains about 1% free oil, other ramification, phosphorus fat, sterol and etc. When refine it, gossypol, mucilage can be removed, the content can be 0.01% or even less. Then we can get the cotton clear oil with jasmine and no bad smell.

The quality of semifinished cotton oil depends on the condition of climate after the cotton matured. If it is dry , good quality cotton oil can be produced, on the contrary , if it is drippy, the

quality of oil would not good. So the acid value of the semifinished oil, which is obtained from wet or reechy cottonseed is high.

Cottonseed oil contents high level of saturated fatty acid, so the freezing point of conttonseed oil is rather high, and can be thick even freeze on the condition of lower temperature. After refrigeration, the cottonseed oil without stearin can also be clear on the condition of 0 for five hours. This kind of cottonseed oil is named freeze cottonseed oil. It can be used as axunge. The remanent part is called cottonseed stearin, it is a flaxen cheese fat which can be used as the raw material of margarine and the substitute of swine fat.

The color feedback of cottonseed oil: heaping up with 1% carbon disulfide and chlorobenzene liquor, cottonseed oil has the ingenious redness reaction, it is called Halfen experimentation.

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